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RCS Winkelinrichting presents

‘Bay in a Box’  Download PDF

Your company brand name needs to be permanently present on your shop floor. To have the company brand name in front of your customer is more important than a good sales call.

                                                             “A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.” – Lisa Gransky Aug 2018

RCS Store Displays introduces you to your voice! ‘Bay in a Box’

What preceded it and why are clients asking for change?

With years of active development and research in to various store displays, RCS displays have developed their own modular sales display system. Recently our clients have asked us for a turn-key solution on the existing compatible TEGO/EDEN  system. This is due to encountering high logistical and handling costs by using other systems.

By continually gaining feedback from our customers and doing our best to be innovative, RCS displays have developed their new ‘Bay in a Box’  This therefore will quickly and efficiently make your presentation by your dealers. The new turn key system can be for a ‘shop in shop’ or ‘stand-alone display system’

Below are some examples..

Photos displays.. Fox (plastilys), Napoleon bbq, Yanmar

A ‘Bay in a Box’ distinguishes itself by its simple assembly and its compact packaging.

Assembly and packaging.

RCS Winkelinriching shop displays also offers high customer satisfaction by removing the hassle of delivery and warehouse complications.

To make an appointment with the RCS Winkelinrichting store display representative please follow the link for more information sales@winkel-inrichtingen.nl